What to look for when getting yourself a tomahawk

A good, comfortable to carry and use tomahawk should weigh something between 16 to 23 ounce. A tomahawk heavier than this is great for breaching, but it’s not the best choice for self-defense. So weight is important for your tomahawk.

The utility edge of most of the tomahawks out there is great for every-day tasks, but it’s not great for self-defense. You need a tomahawk with a main edge sharp enough to shave the hair on your arm. Or you may always tune the edge with a whetstone to bring it up to par.

There are three types of handles for the tomahawks out there: wood, integral or hybrid. The wood handled tomahawks are low priced and traditional and most of the weight goes to the head. It’s easy to replace a wood handle in case of anything.

The tomahawks with head and handle made from the same piece of metal are more expensive, but also stronger. As the weight is not in the head anymore, there’s another balance and feel to this kind of tomahawks.

The “hybrid” tomahawks feature a handle made of a material different from wood, but still separate from the head. The handle is not affected by humidity anymore, is lightweight and easy to take care of. It’s a bit difficult to replace the handle and a spare handle is wise to have around.

The best length for the handle of a tomahawk should range from 12 to 22 inches. Take in consideration your stature and strength when picking your tomahawk also. Lay the tomahawk head in your open palm with the handle along your forearm; the handle should end at or near your elbow. If you’re new to this, you could start with a 19 to 22-inch wood-handled hawk. A long handle lets you cut off little sections until you get the best length for you.

When we talk about the head style of a tomahawk, there are various styles to choose from. The most popular types are spike, polled and un-polled.

The lightest models are the no poll tomahawks and they are easy to maneuver also. The no poll tomahawks are low priced, but the head might deflect upon impact, twisting the tomahawk in your hand.

The polled tomahawks are versatile and efficient for self-defense. They have the right weight and minimum risks for deflecting or twisting. The poll acts as a blunt striking face and gives a good support for the head.

The spike-style polls tomahawks are the best choice for self-defense. The deep penetrating spike and the wide cutting face on the main blade make them highly efficient for self-defense. You need to practice in order to use them right, without injuring yourself.


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Now that you got yourself a tomahawk…

You want to use it. You need to strike a target with it as much as it takes, since practice makes perfect.

Swing with both hands and try to train your off-hand and weak side just as well. You need to get comfortable using the ‘hawk with both hands.

Even though the tomahawks have been used for hundreds of years and the styles and construction have changed in time, they still remain good, efficient self-defense tools. If used right.

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