Requirements of The Best Hunting Knife

Your first task before purchasing a hunting knife is to determine what task it will fulfill. An avid camper, who doesn’t actually hunt or skin wild animals, will have different needs in his hunting knife than an avid hunter. Keep in mind that knives that are marketed as being multi-purpose seldom perform many of those functions very well.

Most of the functions needed in a hunting and/or camping knife will make it good for field-dressing deer or other game. But, that same knife will be used to cut rope, cut branches for building shelters and camp fires, and carving food. If you need a screwdriver or pair of pliers, you would be better off purchasing a multi-purpose tool.

Knife Size

In some cases, you may need a selection of knives. If you will be skinning large game, such as deer, elk, and bear, a fixed blade knife is the most desirable. It will have two cutting edges – one side sharp for skinning and one with a saw tooth for cutting through bone and firewood. For small game, such as quail and rabbits, a pocket knife with a hook will be more useful.

If you select a bigger-than-life knife, you’ll find that it isn’t as useful as you had hoped for skinning game. These may be good in setting up camp, in that you can chop wood and clear camping spaces more easily. Some hunting knives allow you to actually dig with them without fear of the blade breaking lose from the handle. However, if you need a knife that big, you’ll probably use a multi-purpose tool.

Whichever sized knives you select, make sure you can actually hold the knife well enough to control it. And remember, you’ll have to carry it on your hunting and camping trips, so it should be easy to carry.


The kind of steel used in constructing the blade determines the quality of the knife, itself. Soft steel won’t keep its edge, nor will a knife that has an incorrect angle of bevel. The steel also needs to resist corrosion, and be durable and hard, yet flexible. Cheaper blades become brittle with temperature fluctuations, snapping off when you need them the most – in freezing weather when you’re building a shelter.

Here are some examples of what to look for in quality steel:

  1. Vanadium steel. This is rust resistant and very tough steel. While this kind of blade is hard to sharpen, it will hold an edge practically forever. Look for S30V designation on these knives.
  2. Carbon steel. Carbon blades last a long time, with a hard edge that will stay sharp. However, carbon steel is a little more brittle than vanadium. You are better off selecting smaller knives when choosing carbon steel. This knife will have 154CM designation.
  3. Stainless steel. This is pretty much the same as the carbon steel blade, except that it is also corrosion resistant. It will also keep its edge longer. Look for VG-10 designation.
  4. Medium-carbon stainless steel. As you would expect, this knife will be very corrosion resistant, but the blade will be more brittle. The great thing about this knife is that it is easy to sharpen. The stability of the knife edge, however, is not as good as the others. These are designated as 420HC blades.


The handle of the knife is equally important. The first feature to look for is a finger stop. This will keep your finger or entire hand from sliding down to the blade of the knife.

While natural material handles may be attractive, they may not be as durable as you need them to be. If your knife will see heavy use, consider synthetic materials, such as ABS OR Kraton. These will withstand extended periods of moisture, leverage situations, and offer light-weight grip.

You should always make sure that the knife will fit your hand and allow you to control it. A handle that is too large will make your hand and arm tired, which will keep you from using it for very long.


Best Hunting Knife for You

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