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The Ninja Throwing Spike ranks up there with the Ninja Star as one of the most popular in the martial arts. However, unlike the shuriken, the throwing spike (or dart) can be incredibly tricky to master. So if you consider yourself talented when it comes to throwing weapons, or if you’re just an over-achieving novice, we definitely recommend that you pick up a set of throwing spikes!

There’s only one pointy end to nail your target with. This means your throw better be a good one, because even a slightly off-kilter throwing spike is one that’s destined for a quick journey to the ground. Some of our sets, like our ninja throwing spikes with tassels, feature stringed tassels on one end, dramatically increasing the chance for a solid stick in your target. These are what we typically recommend for beginning throwers.


You can start with something easier and check our throwing knives collection here

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the Ninja Throwing Quills set is a great Ninja equipment for anyone interested in throwing projectiles.  These can be used if you’re a beginner or if you belong to the more advanced of the throwing scene.  Even if you’re a master with bo shuriken or throwing knives you can appreciate this set.  The first impression is that they are a bit cheaply made however you soon lose that feeling when you see these spikes in action.  The tips are pointed, almost to the extreme, this also means they could get bent if you’re aiming for the wrong target.The Ninja Throwing Quills make it easy to hit your target, no matter what you’re aiming for.  This is partly due to their compact size, they fit well into the palm of your hand.  They are a great set of spikes for any level of thrower and they fit anyone’s budget.


This Triple Spike Bracelet has the look of a classic ninja accessory, featuring a trio of spikes stored on a leather bracelet for easy retrieval, ensuring that when you need them, you can fetch then quickly for a variety of different uses. Each of the spikes is simple in design, consisting of a ring attached to a triangular spike that possesses three engraved bars on each side of the spike. The spikes can be used in a variety of ways, ranging from punch spikes worn on the fingers to climbing spikes. They could even function as rudimentary pitons when climbing, assuming you don’t plan on putting a lot of weight or stress on them (don’t attempt to scale tall surfaces without proper training or supervision.). Included with the metal spikes is a brown leather wrist strap that secures via a Velcro patch, while a band and an antique brass snap secure the spikes into the wristband. Each of the spikes measures approximately 4.5 inches long. The Triple Spike Bracelet is a great accessory to use for completing a wide assortment of different looks, ranging from ninjas to rogues to thieves to assassins and more, all of whom could put these novel little spikes to use in a variety of LARP or roleplaying situations.


These are another example of quills spikes but with added tassels which increase their accoracy.











The Triple Kill is a perfectly balanced and weighted throwing spike.  The spike features a pyramid tip and then three edges down the trailing length.  It has been forged from high strength stainless steel and is highly accurate.  Part of this accuracy is due to the amazing workmanship that goes into this spike, you’ll get a spike that is uniform in both weight and design which makes throwing it easy.

The Triple Kill Ninja Defense Spike is well made and perfectly balanced, it fits well in the hands of the beginner and the advanced thrower.  Having been made from a single piece of metal, this method gives you a stronger spike with a more accurate weight and balance.  The handle has a comfortable grip to add to that accuracy.  Even the pommel is weighted with the throw in mind.  The throwing spike is sold with a handy carrying sheath that can be strapped to either your ankle or your arm.  You’ll be fully loaded for defense when it comes to the Triple Kill throwing spike.  This spike achieves great range and improved accuracy through its single-forged construction.



What are Throwing spikes/Bo Shurikens?

A Bo-shuriken is a throwing weapon in the same family as a ninja throwing star.  The main difference is that a Bo Shuriken is a straight piece of metal or a spike.  This is why they are sometimes referred to as “throwing spikes”.   Just like a ninja throwing star the Bo Shuriken can be made from any sort of material and they are often made out of common items.  Since a variety of materials can be used historical examples include many shapes and sizes.

Bo Shurikens can be thrown either underarm, overhead or sideways.  Throws usually involve the blade sliding through the fingers, this allows for a more controlled flight and accuracy.  The precise origins of the Bo Shuriken are not known and this is partially due to the secrecy surrounding Japanese martial arts at the period of their creation.

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