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Whether or not you live in the mountains, it’s important for a man to own an axe. Not just because it’s an essential tool, but also because you’re going to be amazed by how many tasks become easier when you have an axe on hand. A multi-purpose axe is indispensable, and when you purchase one that is made of high quality materials, you can be guaranteed that it’s going to last for years to come. The following top rated axes are popular because they say what they do, and do what they say. They’re built of durable materials and feature various designs that make chopping more comfortable, ergonomic, and efficient.

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1.Snow & Nealley ”our best” Single bit Axe

Perfect for big jobs, this axe is forged from fine grain steel and is hand-worked for superior quality. The axe features a 3-1/2 lb. head, 4-1/2” blade, and a 30” handle for excellent leverage. Leather blade guard included. Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.
2.Engraced Stainless Steel / Small Bearded Hatched / Axe Combined with Adze Blade

STAINLESS STEEL ELEGANT SMALL BEARDED HATCHET / AXE COMBINED WITH ADZE BLADE Suitable for splitting & chopping. Made of high quality STAINLESS steel. Also known as “surgery steel”. Polished!!! AISI-420J2, DIN- X30Cr13 HRC 55-60 !!! The handle is made from dry ash tree. Extremely durable. Sharp blade, with adze. Compact & elegant design. The hatchet is a must when you are in the forest and looking to prepare camping fire. Strange, Elegant & Collectible It combines a small Swedish / viking-style bearded axe / hatchet with a basic flat adze – for the price of a decent hatchet. Maybe the idea sounds a bit ODD but, as you may see, it looks AND IT IS quite restrained / balanced – claw-hammer-ish even. Very well designed and if it is implemented for the purpose, it is the “swiss army knife” / “leatherman” for bowl carvers, carpenters and etc. Dimensions: 14 in / 6.5 in Weight – 800 gr ~ 1.8 lbs Blade: 3.5 in. Please use the photos to help judge content and condition.If you are unsure in anyway please ask.I do combine shipping on items.
3.New 6lb Splitting Maul with fibreglass shaft.

New 6lb Splitting Maul with fibreglass shaft. Fitted with comfortable rubber grip and supplied with rubber blade guard. Also comes supplied with a handy diamond shaped log bomb, this can be used with the flat striking face of the maul. This splits logs in 4 directions. Spherical striking face for a centered blow. Sharp point for easy insertion and notched to prevent pop out. APS AutoParts have been in business for over 25 years, this wealth of experience and knowledge has allowed us to source the best products and supply them at the best prices to you the customer.


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